Our comprehensive curriculum is based on a 12-night module that is focused around delivering practical knowledge and education that will help you get your startup off the ground.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Program

On the first night, we will introduce the program and meet each other. Developing relationships is a huge component in becoming a successful entrepreneur. We will also cover a variety of topics necessary for successful business creation, including mindset, ideation, planning, action and strategy. Rather than just describing what to do, the focus will be on guiding you through the process of actually doing it.

Business Plan Preparation

In this session, we will introduce the framework and template to build your business plan using a system called The Business Model Canvas. It is a visual chart with elements that describe the value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances of your new business venture. It’s a fun way to make creating a business plan actually enjoyable. Each night, we will carve out time to add to your business plan by incorporating lessons from that evening’s topic.

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is the biggest component of entrepreneurship—one that is often overlooked. Numbers drive your business, so it’s extremely vital to know your numbers inside out. In this session, we will dive right into the numbers and talk about basic financial management and budgeting, different financial services in Canada, developing financial skills, and meeting financial obligations as it relates to your business venture.


What does branding even mean, and why is it important? Students will go through a journey that starts with understanding what a brand is and how to build a successful one. This session explores creating your brand name and slogan, before really diving deep into the philosophical, technical, and legal considerations of logo creation and brand positioning.

Digital Marketing

Social media and digital marketing provide cost-effective, highly targeted, measurable opportunities to engage your audience and promote your business. In this session, you will learn the top five tricks to get you started.

Marketing & Communications

This session is hefty but incredibly important. We will look at ways to educate, inform, urge, and apprise consumers—directly or indirectly—about your product or service. This session also focuses on providing you with skills that enable you to work with advertising creatives, including copywriters, graphic and interactive designers, art directors, and suppliers.


What are the common questions to ask your lawyer when starting a business? In this session, you’ll find out. We will explore different topics related to business structure, incorporating, contracts, lease agreements, and a bunch of other legalese terms you’ll need to know as you start your new business.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting, hey? Sounds like a snoozefest... but it doesn’t have to be this way. In this session, you will quickly realize how fun accounting and bookkeeping can be. Having the right accounting software is huge, so we will look at a bunch of different options. What’s more important is understanding the data within the software which will allow you to make informed decisions regarding your business venture.

Human Resources

When should you make your first hire? Do you even need employees, or could you contract work out? What about benefits? This session will cover recruitment, selection and staffing, retention, and performance management.

Online Tools

There are so many cool online tools that will simplify your life as an entrepreneur. As you build your business venture, you will need to learn how to become efficient with your time and leverage the rapid pace of technology. The reality is, a lot of functions within your business can be done online using different applications. We will explore the key online tools for entrepreneurs, which are sure to blow your mind.

Financing, Credit & Banking

This session is designed for anyone looking to gain an excellent, practical understanding of personal finance, covering everything from banking to credit cards. Sound intimidating? Don't worry! This workshop is designed with complete beginners in mind. No previous personal finance knowledge (or math!) is required. Topics include personal savings accounts, corporate credit cards, TSFA accounts, accessing different financing, and how important good credit is.

Entrepreneurship Resources & Associations

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur in Saskatoon, you’re in luck. We are fortunate enough to be surrounded by organizations that are willing to help you succeed, both professionally and personally. Some of these organizations include Square One, NSBA, SYPE, WESK, Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, and much more. If some of these organizations sound Greek to you, that’s ok. By the end of this session, you’ll be surprised how many resources are available to you!